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Learn French
Discover France
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online small group program 

Due to Covid, our online courses are now the most popular option.  We focus on developing your oral communication skills, with a solid basis of grammatical understanding.

Online group course - 10 weeks 
From level A1+ / groups by level

Option 1 : Two workshops of 90 minutes a week (1 grammar & 1 conversation)  : 600 €

Option 2 : Grammar & communication -  90 minutes once a week : 400 €
Option 3 : Conversation 90' once a week  + 6 months of Frantastique daily lessons  : 650 € 
Option 4 : conversation & prononciation - 90' once a week : 350 €

 Test you level : https://savoirs.rfi.fr/en/test-your-french-level

More info ? : olalachamonix@gmail.com



Sept :  weeks 21/25 -28/2 Oct

Oct : weeks 5/9 - 12/16

Nov : weeks 2/6 - 9/13 - 16/20 - 23/27

 & 30 Nov /4 Dec - 7/11 Dec

  (some changes are possible under request) 




Improve your
confidence and speaking skills 

Did you know that grammar and glamour
have the same origin ?

Learning to communicate in French also means learning the organisation of the language, the « assemblages », in a word : grammar.
If you want to speak well, you can’t avoid grammar.
Grammar is a fundamental tool for good communication.
10  weeks - online group program

10 meeting of 90 minutes 
be precise with past tenses  
be clear with the futur tenses
build hypotheses 
explain causes & conséquences
know the different ways to express : 
 needs, desires and orders
  emotions, judgments or doubts
For who ?
 This class is perfect for those who want to improve their oral skills, while revising or improving certain grammar points.  
levels A2 to B2
How does it works ?

your enroll for the whole session
Each meeting is dedicated to a grammatical concept in context .
 Before the meeting you receive material to prepare yourself
(explanations, exercices and task) in order to be ready.
During the meeting with share screen, you practice in context and interact with the teacher and classmates as if you were together in person.  The notes of the day and more exercices to practice are
send after the class with the material to prepare the next meeting




When you are chatting - about news, culture, business, or just gossip- you never know where the conversation will take you!    This workshop is almost the same. We start with subjects we had planned to talk about but it’s a real living and relaxed conversation.   


10 weeks- online group program.
10  meetings of 90 minutes


learn lots of typically French vocabulary

discover  a lot of lots idiomatic expressions.

develop confidence, fluidity and .. fluency.




For who ?


This workshop is particularly recommended for those who already have a  grasp on the basics (from A2) and want to work on improving their structure, idiomatic expressions, "way to say" and of course their pronunciation  



How does it works ?

your enroll for the whole session 

For each class material will be sent to you in advance to help you to prepare yourself…