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Learn French
Discover France
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conversation WORKSHOP 12 weeks + support with daily lessons 6 months



Programme de préparation

(10 semaines = 15h en ligne +  environ 15 h de travail à la maison )

prochain départ october 2021. 


DELF (Diplôme d'études en langue française) is an official qualification

awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify

the competency of candidates from outside France in French language.

They are valid all life.

Even if you don't want to make an exam, this preparation is a good goal to reach a good level  


Levels are those of the Common Europeean Framework of Reference for Languages.


At level B1, the user becomes independent.

You can maintain an interaction. You can understand and maintain a discussions and give  opinions. You are capable of dealing with situations in daily life.

DELF B1 is required to obtain the French nationality.

It is also necessary to validate some diplomas.


A B2 user has a degree of independence that allows you to construct arguments to defend your opinion, explain your viewpoint and negotiate.

At level B2, the candidate has a degree of fluency and spontaneity in regular interactions and is capable of correcting their own mistakes. Except dispensation, DELF B2 is compulsory to follow studies in the French higher education.


You reveive homework & training everyweek 

  Your homework is commented on individualy

We meet online once a week for  90 mn 

9 times as a group. The last week we meet in a one2one


involment  : 3 h/week minimum during 10 weeks

in case of  2 students only the meetings are reduced to 60' 








next session starting on 15th SEPT 2021

level/A2 to B2

Every week, you receive a « roadmap » a few days before our meeting online

so that you are prepared .

(explanations, exercices… this work is more and more adapted to your speficic needs along the course)


Then, in the warm atsmosphere of our small groups, and according to your level,

you will easily dare to speak, react, contradict, hesitate…

and above all you will dare to make mistakes!

We motivate each other, we stimulate each other.

I lead and I mobilise your knowledge.
I correct  gently, I help  to reformulate.

You will feel more and more comfortable ...
Of course we have as much fun as possible

12 sessions of  90 minutes - Once a week - 
(valid for a period of 14 weeks -untill 15 December-  to give us some flexibility)

Estimated personnal work  : 35 hours  
Presence online with the group : 18 hours


  6 months of online daily lessons 

(one lesson/day- 5 days a week- 6 months. Adapted to your level, you can work at your own rythm)

total  530 € .  

Students of level B1/B2 can enrol  without the daily lessons program (400 €)

 Monday: 12h15-13h45 or  Wednesday 18h30-20h 

break week 18 October

depending of your level. (do the test above)

Other schedules are possible on request.

In order to check your level and needs, a 20 minutes free meeting can be arranged

after your registration and  payment of the deposit 

groups start with 3 students. 







preregistration below



keep your space with a 40 € deposit 

if you prefer : IBAN here