8 weeks- online group program.
4-5 students

Learning to communicate in French also means learning the organization of the language, the « assemblages », in a word, grammar. If you want to speak well, you can’t avoid grammar. Grammar is a fundamental tool for communication.

For who ?
This class is perfect  for those who  want to improve their oral skills, while revising or improving certain grammar points.  
levels A2 to B2

How it works ?

 - One meeting on Zoom every week .
 - Each meeting is dedicate to a practice and understanding of one   grammatical concept
 - before the meeting you receive material  to prepare yourself ( explanations, exercices and ask) in order to be ready for the meeting with the others.

 8  weeks
 every Tuesday 10h30
and Thursday 17h
(other schedule possible)
Starting on
Tuesday, 12 th May. 10h30
& Thursday , 14 th May- 17h30

90 minutes  - total  15h
price: 200 €
students 2019 & 2020 : 185 €

You didn’t know that grammar and glamour have the same origin ?

OLALA ! French courses in  Alps & Provence.



lLe Petit Montagnard - Olala French courses. 

747 route des Gaillands 74400 Chamonix

siret 440 890 440 RCS Annecy


Learn French

Discover France

Enjoy an experience

and much more...


Olala ! French language Worshops

Pffft ...we are lockdowned again


This season, in addition, the weather will be colder and colder, the night will fall faster and faster...

Let’s try to profit from it !

It’s the perfect time to join a small group in order to practice your French ... and meet people !


2 options online


1 -Cool conversation workshop.

Dare to say, dare to react, dare to contradict, dare to hesitate,

dare in French, and above all dare to make mistakes!

We motivate each other, we stimulate each other,

I lead and I mobilise your knowledge.

I correct you gently, I help you to reformulate

and then you will feel more and more comfortable ...

Of course we have as much fun as  possible

90 minutes once a week - 6 consecutive weeks on Fridays & Mondays. 18h-19h30 - 220 €

to prepare yourself, you recieve material (reading- watching- grammar-vocabulary)

3 persons minimum - 5 persons max.

Open to all except absolute beginners

2 level groups

One Starting Friday 6th November 18h-19h30

One starting Monday 9th November

2 - grammar & written communication

Good structure is the heart of any language.

If you live in a French speaking country, you can’t avoid to write at least emails and texts

 6 consecutive weeks - 1 hour/week online group class (grammar explanation and training) on Fridays 10h +

Corrections on Personal written work once a week (12 emails) - 300 €

3 students minimum.


1- book your space with a deposit before 4 th November  (link below)

2- email and tell me something about your level, needs, weaknessses and interests

3-  you will receive confirmation of your group/day and work on Thursday 5th November