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Learn French
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Happy to teach - Happy to learn . Chamonix since 2008 - Mirmande since 2020


Teaching a language is

a great experience. 

You share much more

than a linguistic knowledge.

Françoise Rey - founder and main teacher


Facing students who come from all  continents,  

the teacher must go far beyond words and grammar !

You are always learning from the others. Other cultures, other ways of life, other ways of thinking. I am passionate. 

After having been a journalist in Paris, a meteorite hunter in Africa, a busy mother and a managing editor in Chamonix, I returned to University in Grenoble to learn the latest and best methods of teaching French to foreigners. Proof that there is no age barrier for learning ( actually, it's the  best way to stay young ! ) and  proof of my enthusiasm. 

After some years of exciting studies, I graduated with a Master's degree in Language Sciences specialising in French as a foreign language. I am a "corrector/ examiner" for the DELF/DALF exams of the CIEP (Centre International d'Etudes Pédagogiques).

I am a published author and was the creator of Le Petit Montagnard, a magazine for teenagers. I have been living  in Chamonix since 1993 moving here from Paris two years after the release of my first book Crash au mont Blanc les fantômes du Malabar Princess, which demanded extensive research and brought me into close contact with the local population of Chamonix valley. Since then, she have continued to work on the identity of the valley.

A very rich and fascinating story ... made by people coming from all over the world: mountaineers, scientists, businessmen, engineers, writers, painters, moviemakers, musicians... all inspired by the highest mountain in Europe. And since 2020, I also teach French and offer Wrting workshops,  in Mirmande, a beautifull village in Drôme where I was born. Mountains and hills...nature, space. Beauty and activities

Running, hiking, biking, skiing… 


Françoise Rey -  founder & main teacher

Warning: another french author, who is also a teacher, hasthe same name...she writes erotic novels, sorry, it is not me. If you want a proof click 





Happy to teach                Happy to learn


You want to improve your french, prepare a examination, meet professional requirements, or simply enhance your personal life ? Whatever your reasons are, we all know that the pleasure in learning leads to greater retention and more success for everyone…

(and pleasure and fun in learning doesn't mean infantilization of students !) 


 In an informal and friendly atmosphere,  providing  an ideal learning environment, I really care about your well-being, your  progression and your enjoyment. When you arrive you will instantly feel at home.


 In private lessons or very small groups, we work together as a team . 

Nothing is magic : active learning and interaction are the core !


The activities cross skills boundaries :  speaking, listening, writing, reading, as well as using authentic documents : radio, TV, newspapers 


"Communication  skills ", of course it's the goal !

Good communication means good structure and good structure means...  grammar !

Forget the myth that French grammar is very complicate ! It depends on the way it's explained.

it's funny to meet students who "just wanted  to speak" - as if it was possible to avoid grammar - discovering how interesting  it is ! 


Courses are  tailor-made, based on your specific needs and wishes


Self confidence will drive you faster to independance... 


We follow the recommendations of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages) which describes what a learner, at each level, is supposed to be able to do in reading, listening, speaking and writing.


Olala ! is very committed to the development of intercultural skills which are more necessary than ever in an era where everything is happening internationally.


I can prepare you for the examinations of French DALF / DELF , which open doors to studies and work in France.

I also prepare young students in the British educational system to pass their French GCSE and A level.

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